Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pics from Yallah Shabab!

Kint ashoof il pics fee my beloved camera .. i found the pics of the booths at yallah shabab expo that was last week .. it was real Fun and well organized .. we spent a great 2 days there .. looking forward the next one :D

Kuwait-Mall.com Booth

Welovekuwait.com - My friend's Booth

U5F "Yousef" - My cousin's Booth

Another Bazar/Carnival will be on Sat 18th April on Shaab Park .. also on 24th April there will be Spring Bazar at Movenpick Free Trade zone Taiba tent from 10 AM to 7 PM .. Entry fees 1 KD it goes for charities ..


eshda3wa said...

walah fee a lot of activities i never know anything about !

Nikon 8 said...

الله يوفق شبابنا وبناتنا
وحلو إنج علمتينا
الله يوفقهم

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

شي حلو بصراحه

موفقين يارب

Ansam said...

I missed it :-(
BTW.... Welovekuwait.com are my friends too, they are amazing! Aren't they?

And I also know U5F and love his designs :-)

bored said...

i went there, very nicly organized bs el mirror ele 7a6eenha blmadkhal ga9at 3alaina 7isbali takmila 7ag el ma3rath bs e6la3at khid3a ;p bs it felt showaya more 7ag banat too

bored said...

btw ento maloot kuwait mall? if u are dazait msg to the number bl website a while ago o never got a response, if ur not then just ignore what i said ;)

iCoNzZz said...

chic one's !

Aida Coronado Mexican Dress "A heart in every piece" said...
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Lost said...

theres an expo coming up on the 30th as well from 8pm until 1! u should check it outt!

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